Bayou City Relief began in September 2017 after Hurricane Harvey delivered 51 inches of rain on Houston in about 48 hours, flooding approximately 400,000 homes. Our desire is to serve our city in Jesus name through this catastrophic event and help Houston get back home.



The geographic focus for Bayou City rebuild efforts is on one of the most underserved communities in our city. Kashmere Gardens is about 10 minutes northeast of downtown and sits in the 100-year flood plain. It's estimated that 60% of the more than 30,000 residents were flooded during Harvey. This has been devastating for this community, most of whom live below the poverty line. Bayou City Relief is bringing teams to this community and partnering with local community development organizations to help these families return to their homes.

If you live in Kashmere Gardens or 5th Ward and were impacted by Harvey, contact us using the button below.



If you live in Houston, consider one of these roles:

Serve Saturday Team
Volunteer teams will be mobilized to complete work projects in the homes in Kashmere Gardens every second and third Saturday of the month. You do not have to come every week, just when you are able. You do not need to have any construction experience, just a willingness to learn.

Weekday Serve Crew
You will be working in the homes on rebuild projects. Home assessments will be made prior so that you can show up and be trained to complete a specific task. Jobs will range based on experience, skill and available training. These are weekday projects so any amount of weekday availability is acceptable. Skilled experience is preferable but any experience is welcome if you are willing to work hard.

Prayer Team
Commit to praying for the needs and hurts of the community as we work to bring restoration both to the homes and to the lives of people we encounter. There is hurt and brokenness in any community and in any ministry, and we want to be on the forefront of bringing these things to Jesus. You will not be required to visit and pray in person, but there will be opportunities for you to do this if you would like. When we complete a rebuild, you will be invited to be there and pray over the home dedication.

Advocates Team
Walk alongside a homeowner as their house is rebuilt from start to finish. You will be the main communicator and prayer support for this family. Visit with them in person once a week and communicate with them over the phone between visits. Membership at Bayou City Fellowship is a prerequisite for this role. We need great communicators, excellent listeners and big hearts.


Teams of volunteers from outside Houston have been instrumental in our rebuilding efforts. In this phase, teams should be adults and led by someone with construction experience. We are focused primarily on installing sheetrock, insulation, tape, float and painting. There is need for flooring and cabinet work if you have a more specialized team.

We are able to accommodate 50 people each week maximum. Some overnight lodging is available for teams at Bayou City's Cypress campus.

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If you would like to provide financial support to Hurricane Harvey Relief, please use the button below. 100% of donations will go to helping victims in our area.

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1Who else is working in Kashmere Gardens/5th Ward?

We are the Northeast Inner Loop Coalition Coordinators for Houston Responds, which is a coalition of churches helping with disaster relief. We are partnered with several churches and non-profit organizations in the NE Inner Loop. More information is available at .

Houston Responds NE
2I need help but I don't live in Kashmere or 5th Ward. Do you know where I can get assistance?

Houston Responds is a coalition of churches working together to respond to the disaster in regional focus areas. You can contact the regional coordinator for more information on the support available here.

Houston Responds Coalitions
3I want to donate but want would like know where my funds will go.

All funds from donations to the Harvey Relief Fund will go directly to support the victims of Harvey. Bayou City is using it's own outreach budget to support all the overhead costs associated with Harvey Relief so that all donations will go directly to relief efforts in support of the victims.

4I understand Bayou City is very active in serving the city and world. How can I get involved?

From our beginning, we’ve been committed to using the resources God provides to serve the city and world. We give at least 20% of our church budget each year to outreach and mobilization efforts. This allows us to provide financial support in situations like this directly from our own budget. Find out more at