Soaked Wedding Albums and Deep Joy – Amy Kidd

I am overwhelmed with the love, hard work, great attitudes, and hope in our city. It is hard for these homeowners that are coming back to their homes today. Many are returning even after a crew has gutted their home and their stuff is on the curb. Many don’t have flood insurance, many are single moms, many are elderly or disabled. Today we pulled out wedding albums of an elderly woman and found soaking wet albums of pictures from the early 1900’s. It has been an honor to lovingly walk alongside some of these homeowners and let them know we will help.

We have given everything we’ve had the last few days and there are still countless homes in MY AREA as well as all of Houston and it’s suburbs. Every ounce of work and sweat has only multiplied the deep joy I have felt as I have seen people work harder than I’ve ever seen in my life. This event will forever be remembered in my heart as a time when people loved deeply, served tirelessly, worked in unity, and showed through every act of service. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else right now than walking alongside my community in their time of need.

— Amy

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