A Friendly Face – Taylor Wilson

As a “leader”, I’m not sure I did all that much manual labor my first day of serving our city but what I did do was observe a lot of Jesus moments. Coincidences that were clearly orchestrated by our God, heart moments that poured out people’s unique gifts, and questions that could only be answered with Jesus.
One of my biggest take away moments from day one was with a couple volunteering from the Spring Branch community. For several reasons, they are unable to attend church on a regular basis and have never set foot into Bayou City Fellowship. However, through friends, they found themselves in our group willing to serve wholeheartedly.
As the wife walked into the house to join our already working team, she quickly walked up to the tenant and gave her a hug. I was in awe and even a little jealous of her boldness. As minutes passed, it was clear that God had orchestrated this young lady being in our group because it turns out she was a previous coworker of the tenant. Because of Jesus and because of Bayou City, in times of great distress, God brought a friendly face alongside hope.

— Taylor

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